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Like No Other

You are peculiar and set apart. You are an original. No one has your imprint, DNA, fingerprint or even your smile. You were made unique. YOU were given a unique call or mission in life to do more as well. There is this burning passion to do more, give more, make a difference in life of Others.

How and where do one begin to be like no other. To love like no other. To bless others like no other. To serve like no other. It begins with you. First you have to yield to a power greater than you to know that you are called to do this work. Servanthood comes with joy and some sorrows. You want to heal the lis of this world and make a better life for Others.

Take the challenge to become a Social Impactor. Read my past blog on the Manifesto of Social Impact and how to make a difference in the world around you. Many times it will start in your own home, neighborhood, work place before you conquer the world. Remember to be like no Other. Just be yourself. Do not compare or judge. Take moments to breathe and live in the present. It is gift that God gives us daily.

4 Strategies for Making Social Enterprise Stand Out

Let’s Get Real About Social Enterprise

With the growing number of businesses adopting practices that promote social good, how can we differentiate ourselves, ensuring our missions and impacts stand out from the crowd?

On the surface, this question may seem counterintuitive. There’s something inherently altruistic about social enterprise, so it’s easy to feel strange about concerning yourself with product sales and profit. But the bottom line is that the success of social enterprise is measured on the impact you can make in our community through the success of your business. The more successful you are, the greater the capacity for social good. For social enterprises to maximize their impact, they must effectively reach and activate their target audiences, something that’s more difficult than ever with the amount of likeminded companies competing for consumer attention.

Keep reading for four key ways to make sure your social impact gets noticed.

1. Align your cause with your consumer.

If you’re supporting a cause that doesn’t resonate with your customers, you’re already off on the wrong foot. Take time to understand the issues your target audience cares about, and insert your company into the conversation. For example, at my company, UChic, we found that our target market of high school and college-aged women valued out-of-classroom experiences, like study abroad trips and internships, yet lacked the means to fund them. With this knowledge, we created a scholarship program that provides necessary funding to our very same consumers, funded by our product sales. Align your social good efforts with your customers’ values and they’ll be more willing to advocate for and support your brand.

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2. Show your impact.

Storytelling should be at the heart of your social enterprise. It’s not enough to simply spout numbers about total dollars given to your cause; go one step further and show the total impact of your efforts on a personal level. At UChic, we highlight the stories of the girls we support with our scholarship program, giving a face to those young women our customers are helping through product purchases.

Try creating a landing page dedicated to your cause, your goal and your tangible impact. Share photos, narratives and in-depth looks at the good you’re doing. Make it clear to your customers that you’re following through on your company’s philanthropic missions – and promise – and you’ll have advocates for the long term.

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3. Get customers involved.

People feel more connected to social enterprises when they’re invited to participate in the process. TOMS Shoes has built an entire army of social good-driven supporters through this model. They encourage their customers to join “TOMS Tribe,” leading their own philanthropy efforts across the world – all backed by the power of TOMS. By doing so, they have people around the globe sharing stories of the companies impact. Whether it’s inviting customers to join humanitarian trips, asking them to share their own stories of social good or simply asking them what social issues matter most, involving them in the philanthropic process will help them feel connected on a deeper level. And change them from customers to ambassadors.

4. Deliver a stellar product.

You could follow the best social enterprise practices and support an amazing cause, but if your product doesn’t appeal to your market, your business won’t gain traction. A successful social enterprise combines appealing to the cause your target consumer supports and offering the products that resonate with their needs and wants. Warby Parker is a shining example. They attract busy, cash-strapped millennials with quick, easy and affordable eyewear options, and then seal the deal with their impactful social good mission. It’s a win-win.

By truly understanding your consumers and effectively articulating the story of your mission, you’ll set your social enterprise up for success, and ultimately, greater impact.

Social Impact Manifesto

Tired of being just a watcher or spectator on the sidelines.  Become a part of a team or build a Nonprofit Organization where you and others can play to win for social impact and social justice.  You have been passive for too long.  You know you have a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of others.  No need to be afraid. The faith of a mustard seed can move mountains.

Find yourself in one or more of these keys to the Social Impact Manifesto.  There are several different ways that you can participate and become a light or change agent for others.  Get involved as an advisor.  Become trained as a board member with C Nicole Henderson & Associates to serve in your organization or with others.  It is never too late to live our your purpose or mission that is burning in your heart.

We have the tools and the expert know how to walk with you every step of the way to Fast Track Your 501c3 Process and become a Hi-Touch Sustainable Organization.

Join the 10 month Leadership Council for Nonprofits.  Social Impact Leaders Master Mind/Round Table will be March, TBA.    

7 Ways to Attain Social Impact
1. Explore the benefits of volunteering
2. Make a difference in your community as light or change agent
3. Act on your Personal mission or Purpose
4. Share your expertise and talent on boards and offer advisement
5. Extend legacy and honor in the name of nonprofit organization
6. Create a plan of Social Good for your business
7. Make time and commitment to serve and give to others